Reflection is one of the best ways to learn.

I have to admit that being an artist has its share of growing pains and I’ve certainly picked up valuable lessons along the way. One of the biggest lessons I have learned and the most liberating one is that the world is full of abundance. There is sufficient room and need for my art, and there is room for me to be successful regardless of who else exists. Dare I say that this means my only job is to express my creative self to my fullest abilities and move forth my ideas without competing or ego tripping?  It most certainly does!

How did I learn this lesson? By failing miserably. I previously felt an intense sense of competition and that we lived in a world of scarcity. You know that feeling that makes you believe there is only space for one ceramist, or poet, or writer or Asian comedian, and it’s only on a specific platform and it just so happens to be the only way you’ll succeed and be worthy (insert side eye emoji). And, if you don’t make it in “that space” and get the accolades from “those people” it just isn’t worth doing at all and so you should give up. Gibberish!


With time I gained a better perspective. The world just may be set up for me to win (I define a win as being the best me I can be). It may not be in the arena and platform that my ego sees fit but there is a spot for me. Believing and manifesting this idea has been so liberating. Now I share more and thus receive more resources and ideas in return. I am more joyful while creating and sharing my gift with the world. I embrace my mistakes and accept critiques and doing such has ignited true growth and in turn enriched my creativity.


If you are like the young me and are dubious about my claims think about it this way: there has to be abundance if your only job is to be you. There are just too many of us with the task of being ourselves for the world to be scarce. So keep in mind, whether or not your idea is by chance truly “original” or “first”, share it when you’re ready because the world needs it. There is always room for you to impact someone and liberate yourself.


2 thoughts on “The world is full of abundance”

  1. Omg… esto fue escrito para mi. Yo me he sentido de esa manera y he tratado de pelear ese sentimiento de escasez lo cual me hace sentir tan frustrada e impotente. Gracias por este post!

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