National Environmental School

The National Environmental School of the Dominican Republic invited me to paint a live mural during their Nature Festival 2014. I traveled to the school in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic with a colleague and art therapist, on Friday, June 6, to prepare the wall. On June 7 I painted the mural with 5 students studying to become environment technicians. It was an amazing experience because I was able to paint live while passersby visited various sites and enjoyed the absolute beauty of the mountainous region. The festival featured performances, food, exhibitions and documentaries. I painted a mural that showcases the plants native to the region: mangoes, pine cones, and flowers found around the campus. It was a joy to depict some of the plants known to thrive in Jarabacoa through bright colors and through the use of creative patterns and organic designs. I wanted to use something to brighten to the space with color and bring homage to what can be found in the space. I am extremely proud of completing a mid-sized mural within 24 hours over 2 days. Have a look below. 

DSC_0197 (1)









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