I am all about using art to engage communities, any medium to get people thinking about who they are in the spaces they dwell. Artist and visionary, Ernest English who I met in Boston last October 2013, has a similar vision and a passion for inviting people to become participants in the art he creates. As stated on his website for his organization, Emagination Collaboration:

Ernest McKinley English is part of’s list of Top 25 innovators under 25. He is an alumnus of the MIT Community Innovators Lab. His personal vision is the same as his vision for mankind, to be empowered by collaboration.

Check out his amazing projects below. I think his use of participatory art is amazing and it’s a strong testament to how art can bring people together. His installations allow passersby to take a moment and engage with their space, become a part of the space and leave a mark. I hope you enjoy his collaborations and follow this young man as I will.


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