Retratos e historias

Retratos e Historias Ambulantes (R&H) is a public art project and companion traveling exhibition focusing on the diverse stories and histories of the city where the exhibition takes place. Our first project was held in the Dominican Republic.  The project invites the public to interact and collaborate with artists from the USA and the Dominican Republic.

The project features 4 traveling mural panels, which feature portraits of people from the Dominican community from all walks of life.  The panels were begun by contemporary artists, and then finished in collaboration with the public at community events, 3 sites in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  Dominican artists Julianny Ariza and Edison Montero and North American artists Xaivier Ringer, David Attyah and addtitionally Daniel Caballero interpreted the personal stories of individuals that represent different aspects of Dominican social and cultural life.  The mural panels were completed by the public December 4, 5  & 6, 2014, allowing people to interact directly with art and artists and to explore ideas of Dominican collectivity.


  • The project was successfully implemented with the participation of one hundred and twenty five (125) people from ages 3 to 67
  • The project was held at 3 sites within Santo Domingo
  • Retratos & Historias is a unique opportunity for the public and private sectors to collaborate with artist to engage the greater public (artist, students, public workers, passersby) a common goal and understand the stories of the  individuals featured on a deeper level
  • The visual art, portriats and patterns, facilitated conversations about Dominican collectivity
  • Diverse artist from both the U.S. and Dominican Republic were able to collaborate and share their perspectives and painting style in one cohesive project which facilitated cultural exchange10393157_10100887951385115_2080550335492294516_n

 Portrait profiles: 

Portriat profiles (NOT ALL ARE INCLUDED)
 Untitled-1 Dr. Felipe Diaz is a social worker, university professor, has a Masters in Social Well-being and Health Politics, specialty in Demographic analysis. “We work towards human connectivity. I don’t know if we can be happy permanently, but I do have different experiences that bring or carry happiness”
 2 Asnel Excelan, Doorman, has been working in Santo Domingo for 7 years. No matter how someone treats you, you can choose to react positively.”
 3 Carolina Contreras is creator of, an afro/curly hair campaign and blog in Dominican Republic and Latin America. “My activism may not be considered revolutionary, but creating a community where women accept themselves and fighting for our rights to be considered professional, beautiful and contributing citizens can change the world.”

Next Steps:

The finished panels plan to be assembled into one gallery installation.   The panels are designed to interlock into a single mural-sized piece. David Attya and Xaivier Ringer, the projects co-creators will continue Retratos e Historias (Portraits and Stories) in diverse areas internationally and serve as consultants for those interested in implementing the RH model.


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