France Street Art Exhibit

I emphasize being a “community” muralist and although I love “street art” and graffiti art I tend not to identify as such nor paint murals without community members. Thus, participating with my Dominican colleagues and artists, Edison Montero “Eddaviel”, Gabz and Welinthon “Nommo” was amazing.

We were challenged to create a three dimensional image with total creative freedom. Immediately I imagined representing a moment frozen in time, movement and a representation of what energy looks like as it moves in space.

We were featured artists at the French Embassy’s France Week October 29-30, 2016 and I loved the interactive experience of talking with the public and the meditative spirit of painting live while onlookers watch on with stillness. I am excited to do more street art as a muralist sans community from time to time. It provided another element to creating public art.

semanafrancia3 semanafrancia2 semanafrancia1

Following our “street art” exhibit our pieces were auctioned in a private exhibition and let’s just say it felt fabulous to sell a piece of my art in that way and know what I created will adorn a private space.

From left to right, Gabz LPA, Edison “Eddaviel” Montero, Xaivier Ringer, Welinthon “Nommo”


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