Well, it’s simple really.

As an artist and community facilitator I donate on average 3 to 5 projects per year to communities in need. Outside of commissioned murals, I provide my talents to communities that are vulnerable and are not economically developed. Many communities I work with do not have access to funding in general or funding that supports art initiatives. That’s why your contribution is important.

In the past year I have donated part or all of my know how and/or mural making services to these projects:


The Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science

I helped young girls at a high-need urban school in the Bronx engage in the values and mantras that help them persevere and create an image they want to share with their fellow classmates as a part of their women empowerment program,  NIA (means “purpose” in Swahili).




Los Platanitos

I collaborated with Dominican artist Edison Montero (Eddaviel) to bring more life to a small urban community in the capital of Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo called Los Platanitos. We were invited to join a community organization who works with children in the community and Shavonne Otero, a Community & Regional Planning + Latin American Studies student at the University of Texas in Austin.





I am enough – Soy Suficiente

My artist colleague and friend, Julianny Ariza and I donated a mural to FLACSO to commemorate International Day Against Violence Against Women November 25, 2015. The image portrays women in all their essence and power and reads “ I am enough”.



Painting our values

In 2015 I worked with Fundacion Glocal – 2015 to donate a mural and provide a workshop on the value of mural making and community beautification. We created a mural that depicts the value of taking care of the environment and taking ownership of our resources.

Join me as an artist looking out for the well-being of our communities. Your investment will help provide supplies, transportation and my expertise.

As part of our (me and the benefitting community) gratitude we will send an update of the projects that were made possible via your contribution.


Thank you in advance.