It only feels right to start my blog by sharing that I successfully raised $5,158 in 27 days on online fundraising platform, Indiegogo. I raised the funds first in foremost because I wholeheartedly believe in myself and the work that I love: artist-lead community development, mural making and facilitating creative ways for people to think critically about the places in which they dwell. Thank you to the 106 contributors who donated. I feel grateful, blessed and confident. I confirmed that I can do anything because I overcame fear and doubt and made a decision out of love and faith to follow my dream career path and look what happened: we raised $5,158, more than my original fundraising goal of $4,945! This blog is a platform for me to share my current school beautification project in Escuela de Patio Basica Filomena Canalda Gonzalez (Backyard Elementary School Filomena Canalda Gonzalez) in Villa Aura. Please feel free to check out the campaign here.


Shout out to my contributors!

Cannan McCaslin

Ray Tucker


Jordyne Blaise

Bob Martin

Allison Nolan

Carolina Contreras

Lybda Goldberg

Sacha Simmons

Gregory Pope

Jesse Naverez

Sophia Zeinu

Monica Larenas

Saundretta Caldwell

Nneka Onwumere-Papillion

Samantha Pacamarra

Anthony Pena

Tawanna Dabney

Lauren Epshteyn

Gentry Hoit

Jonah Geil-Neufeld

sarah tanguy

Katherine Tucker

Flavia Rusznak

Jessica A. Rucker

Margaret Gramins

Lily A Varon

Arthur Chan


Deion Simmons

Lizzie Black

Shermica Farquhar

Jinsun Bae

Ana Rebeca Castillo Matos

Robert Scully

Jeff Craven

Melissa Alvarado

Kamila Przytula

Regina Ringer

Ashley Mondie

Chip Malt

Jason Crawford

Gene Campbell

Tim Daileader

William J. (Bill) Jordan

Joseph DePaulo

Kathleen McCabe

Christian Hicks

albert s. chinappi

Katya Nieburg

Priscilla Mckie

Fani Brito

Darien Batzer

Meridith McGrath

Channing Mathews

Alia Manshio

Rebecca Gessler

Marilyn Mckie

Alice Pelosi

Olubukola Bamigboye

Pamela King

Joel Stickney

Tom Thees

Minnie Annan

Camilla Hill

Veronica Chapman

Candace Lai-Fang

Latonya Bell

Karen Barns

Briana Ragan

Nancy Winkler

Jennifer Galasso

Amelia Hintzen

Shashi Prakash Tiwari

Anthony Jones

 Next steps

I was in the U.S. networking my ideas and gained great perspective and resources that are guiding my vision to use art as a tool to address challenges in Dominican Republic and the U.S. I returned to the school November 1st and the students, kindergarten to 8th graders, welcomed me with such love, shouting “Hola Xaivier” as I visited each class and explained the next phases. I completed Phase 1: Needs Assessment, Phase II: Mural Design, and I am completing Phase III: Mural Design Transfer to be completed this week as scheduled, November 15. I will start painting with the students Monday, November 18.


I am ecstatic to have received the funding for the school beautification of the Filomena Canalda Gonzalez public school. In order to continue making a living and continue as an Innovative Initiative Consultant and offer out of the box projects to engage communities within the spaces they dwell I am:

  • completing my website to market my skills and expertise
  • finishing a proposal for the Ministry of Culture in the DR
  • networking and bouncing ideas around to shop for collaborations and additional resources
  • researching best practices

I delivered the contribution perks to many individuals already and will send the rest between October 31 andJanuary 31st and will keep you updated.

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