I started the mural design process at the San Juan airport on my way to DC, September 26, 2013 4 days away from my campaign goal for the school beautification project. I used the children’s drawings, all 7 lbs of them, to create the design. First I sifted through the drawings, organized them by theme and class and began brainstorming. I asked the students to draw 5 simple ideas which varied based on grade level:

  1. Draw what makes you happy within school.
  2. Draw what makes you happy about life outside of school.
  3. Draw your ideal super hero/heroin. What talents and characteristics/values does he/she have? How are those traits or values similar to yours?
  4. Draw what makes you feel valued?
  5. Draw yourself today and what you what you can accomplish in the future with an education.

I will share the assessment I gathered from their drawings and art classes later. The vision is to provide an image that uplifts the students, incorporates their values and ideas of a happy and safe space and allows them to learn and imagine. I was extremely nervous to share the design and drafts with the school yet I have gotten great feedback and they are happy!

Main objectives: 1) make it easy for students to participate and paint with me, 2) design a mural we can complete in 6 weeks 3) beautify the school space and enhance the children’s art education.

Check it out below. I tried to make sure I tell a story, incorporate elements of imagination, the images that they found important and I also use some of their drawings (an idea inspired by Dave McShane, Mural Arts Program artist whom I interned with).

The wall is 130 feet long and it’s highest point is 8 feet tall. So you can imagine, it’s quite an ambitious project and we’re going to make it happen. I am excited to show you the final image.



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