B L A C K | G I R L | F R E E | is a series of minimalist prints that imagines a world for black women and girls anchored by agency, where they are free to act, to love, to think, to reclaim, and to declare definitively: i am enough. In a world where black women and girls suffer uniquely when it comes to violence, poverty, and varying forms of oppression, these prints serve as a reminder of black girl magic, the spirit of sisterhood, and the unconditional love that encourages black girls to be their truest selves. [Description curated by Jordyne Blaise]


Black Girl Free is a declaration. In 2015, like many millennials I began to question my existence in the world and to critique my worth. Once I ceased second guessing myself and giving into others’ ideas of who I am and where I should be, I started Black Girl Free as a mantra and then created minimalist prints and stationery that reinforce the notion that we “are enough” to be great, beautiful, fail and keep growing and pursue our dreams. I was charged with the desire to provide images and words for other women, as I was aware I wasn’t alone in my journey.

Since launching in 2015 I have provided workshops that create spaces for other women to declare our existence is enough. In deciding that we are “enough” we understand we are deserving and can begin to freely be ourselves.

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So what lies ahead?

I am creating projects that reinforce these affirmations and positive images of womanhood that will be visible in our urban and community landscapes in addition to our private spaces. We can benefit from seeing messages that pull us away from negative rhetoric and imagery and embrace our “free”.