Hello there!

I am “The International Muralist” first name Xaivier (Ex-zah-vee-air), last name Ringer.

I design murals and innovative development projects that engage communities, provide insights to organizations looking to inform their development and policy goals and create platforms for businesses to engage their clients creatively.

Specifically, I facilitate communities’ “vision-making” to enhance the spaces they dwell.

So, why “International Muralist”? Well, I am a U.S. born, Boston, MA to be exact, muralist currently living and implementing creative community projects in the Dominican Republic and I aim to grow even more globally!

Ready to design a project that gains insights for development, places tools in participants hands to create the spaces they deserve or visually engage your clients around your brand?

Well, I am your girl.

And here is what sets me apart.


Experience. I have 10+ years of experience honing my crafts as a mural artist and testing methodologies and logistics that are participatory and increase the value of our spaces. I have 8+ years experience as a dynamic community facilitator, project designer and grant & proposal writer.

Community owned methodologies. I don’t enjoy when leaders fail to value my perspective or tell me what my needs are, and I do not believe communities do either. My goal is to design projects that are owned by the community, meaning, we provide a space for participants to share needs, solutions and existing knowledge, next we exchange “know how” and provide value-added resources.

Flexibility and adaptability. I don’t call myself “The International Muralist” for nothing. In 2016 alone I lived in 4 different cities, directed a successful girls’ camp, guided development projects for 50+ international students, created and implemented 13 community projects & murals, did so while speaking English and Spanish and in the U.S and Dominican Republic. I am comfortable outside of my comfort zone, I am adept in picking up the “language” of those I work with and I am able to travel to you!

Facilitation that guides and doesn’t direct. Call me the “community whisperer”. I do not intend to tell communities what to do yet provide the key questions and tools to ensure we first understand our possibilities and second determine how we can reach them. 

Curated experiences that are multi-passionate & fun. I love what I do and I want you to love our work together! In college I felt hesitant to call myself an artist because I feared it could overshadow my leadership skills. Now I am multi-passionate and proud! I write grants and proposals (my grant writing and funding totals $60,000 USD), design projects, advocate for community rights, and consult with local governments. Now I welcome my multiple passions as a muralist and innovative development thinker and make room for fun. I am a dynamic asset who is able to manage multiple perspectives and diverse stakeholders.

But don’t count on my word alone.



Here are some organizations I have had the pleasure to work with:

Education First
Miss Rizos
Fundación Tropicalia | Soy niña, soy importante
CIEE (Council for International Educational Exchange)
US Embassy Santo Domingo
Ciudad Alternativa
Community Service Alliance
Mariposa DR Foundation
Fundación Glocal
Peace Corps
Courts for Kids
Nebraska University
Drexel University
Villa Aura Public School
The Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science
Colgate University
Villa Gonzalez City Council
Floyd County Health Department (Rome, GA)








Our innovative project is just one opportunity away. Let’s create together! 



My Story


I was born in Boston, MA and although I consider Beantown home I lived mostly in small town Rome, GA so I consider myself a Georgia peach as well. I discovered my creativity senior year of high school when I won that year’s art award. Truly, I had no idea I was that artistic because I focused on maintaining straight A’s in science, history and math, I loved science and also loved helping my community. I was convinced I would be a lawyer and fight for the “voiceless”. 


mystoryvAfter 1 drawing class at Georgetown University, I proposed painting our multi-cultural student house, The Black House, and the director accepted. So in the summer of 2005 I got to it and with a classmate I painted a 4 by 8 feet mural. I felt I found something powerful and soon after I created a mural for Martha’s Table and Garfield Elementary School in Washington, DC. It was a hobby at first but I was in love with it. From then on I fell madly with the power mural art has to bring our communities together and engage participants and viewers towards a common vision.

I followed this notion into an internship during my study abroad experience in Dominican Republic in 2006. My experience in DR changed my life. I could blend in, bask in the sun and work on my goal to become fluent in Spanish. One year later I returned after requesting a small grant to continue the tingling notion that mural making was a powerful tool and found I was right. I graduated with a degree in Government and minors in Studio Art and Spanish and interned at the Mural Arts program in Philadelphia before moving to Santo Domingo.

So how did I get here?

After working as a consultant in a boutique firm in DR (while there I wrote & received a $15,000 matching grant), followed by living in Rome, GA implementing youth development workshops while working as a waitress to support a passion documentary, I landed back in Santo Domingo in 2012 managing service learning programs. Though I was doing community work, I was lead to return to my dream. $5,100 US dollars later, which I raised on Indiegogo, I started my 2nd robust mural project and I have been “The International Muralist” ever since. Now I am a “multi-passionate entrepreneur” fluent in Spanish who is able to navigate diverse and challenging environments to add value to community goals.


Through mural making I learned engaging multiple perspectives towards a common goal is the first step for development. I embarked on my own path creating artist-led development.

I am proud of how much I have “tested” my notion over the years to hone in on a special formula that works for my clients and allows me to walk away feeling like I am fulfilling my purpose.

I afford my success to many people, development practitioners, my family and colleagues, Georgetown University and specifically there are 3 moments in my life that shaped me forever.


My mother and grand parents have always worked in communities. So, my childhood was shaped by attending pride marches with my grandfather, providing theater workshops to youth in public housing with my mom and witnessing my grandmother counsel women in shelters.

Georgetown University (Hoya Saxa) & The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

Georgetown University made an artist out of me. Having a safe space to explore how visual art can communicate resistance and facilitate change nurtured by staff created the artist I am today. After Georgetown I was an intern at the Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia which showed me I could use my artistic talents and make a career engaging people where they dwell.

Remedios Ruiz

screenshot_3After Georgetown I worked as a consultant for a boutique International Development firm, ALEPH, S.A. with then president Remedios Ruiz. She believed in my first proposal to implement a mural for youth development in 2006 and guided my facilitation and development practitioner skills. I am an organized artist and dynamic facilitator because of what she instilled in me. She passed away in 2012  yet I am proud that her essence lives within the work I do.



And now, just a few things that make me interesting:

  • I signed my middle school year book  “First African American Woman president of the United States”. (I even wrote President Clinton in 4th grade requesting he stop the meat industry from giving hormones to cows, my mom still has the letter I received from the White House).
  • I earned $600 USD one summer selling handmade earrings and bracelets.
  • My favorite artist is Jean-Michel Basquiat and I fell in love with his work way before Shawn Carter made him cool.
  • I aspired to be a politician when I was 10 and decided to learn Spanish to speak to the Latino community in the United States.
  • I became interested in Georgetown University because I researched Allen Iverson tirelessly in high school and “noticed” his Georgetown University jersey, AI is and will always be the answer.
  • I love to dance and I am a hip-hop choreographer in another life.
  • There are literally 50 + pending ideas in my journals I want to implement one day
  • In an idea world I’d own an all black motorcycle and a leather outfit to match